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If horneymatches isnít the best site for online dating then I donít know what is. It was a long and extensive search to find a great site like this to make times a little easier for me. I wasnít with a woman for over 2 years after a really long and drawn out divorce but I was able to find a sweet one real quick from this site. I really liked what I saw on day one and everything just kind of started to fall into my lap before too long. It wasnít even a big deal to some of these chicks that I was kind of fat. I think some of the girls on horney matches are even in to that. I guess they call it chubby chasing which I used to find offensive. Now that I donít have anything else going on in my life and Iíve learned to lighten up, I find it hilarious. Whatís even funnier to me is that so many of these women are really hot. I consider myself to be a 4 or 5 on a scale to 10, but Iím getting emails from sevens, eights, and even nines! I canít believe it but I sure do love it!

Letís get down to the nitty gritty. I was alone and didnít think I was going to find someone for a long time. Along came my estranged wife Desiree. She was everything I was looking for (by the way I did not meet her on horney matches), and had the qualities that only a woman better than me could have. I loved her to death. We had such a great relationship except we had no money. Both of us were struggling on a day to day basis just to make ends meet. She didnít like that I also had an obsession with motorcycles. Every time we did acquire a little extra, I would try to spend it on a new bike. It wasnít like I had 5 bikes out on the front lawn but I did want to have 3 and she kept me down to 2 at all times. That was the biggest thing that got me angry at her.

We lasted about 8 years through a lot of tough times. We watched both sets of our parents pass away together and we started to grow apart towards the end there. She was so happy to finally be rid of me I think and I was kind of excited to be single. The truth is that after about 2 months of being single, I was miserable. I wanted her back so badly but she wouldnít even return my phone calls. In fact, she actually filed a restraining order at a certain point because she thought I was driving past her house every day. The truth is that I drove past once and there was a guy in the same subdivision that had one of the same bikes that I did. That got her worried and she cut me out of her life completely. It was hard and so I started checking out websites like horney matches where I could get my personal life kick-started again.

From the end of the divorce through the time I started on the site, I had been depressed. It wasnít even 3 days until I met someone new on horney matches. At first I didnít think anything of it. This was a girl that was 15 years younger and way hotter than I am. I figured she was some kind of model who was being paid to talk to me or something. I donít think that was the case because she really started to like me after a while and we met up. It was one of the happiest times for me because I know I still had something to offer a beautiful woman like this. We had a good run too. Her and I dated for about 7 months but just didnít have enough in common. We actually still stay in touch these days too.

I had expected to meet some less than classy women on horney matches, but the exact opposite is true. It looks like a lot of these girls are actually just experimental and some of them are just extremely sexual. I canít really blame them for that and in fact Iíd like to embrace it if at all possible. I decided to stick with it after that girl and a couple months later met the girl Iím dating now. Her name is Sherry and sheís a biker just like me with a bigger budget though. Even though she makes a little more money than I do, we are really happy together and it looks like things will work out for the best as long as I donít screw up this sweet horneymatches relationship.